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Residential Real Estate Development & Investment – PART B

For students who would like to learn more about specific types of residential developments from renovations to high-rise apartment buildings.

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Residential Asset Classes

Residential developments and investments come in many forms from small renovations to multi-storey apartment blocks. Each type has its own characteristics and should be approached differently to maximise their financial return. Under this course, Part B of Residential Real Estate Development and Investment, we study the various asset classes and arrive at development strategies to the extract maximum return on investment. In addition to general housing, the lectures also include senior’s accommodation such as retirement villages and aged care plus student housing and co-living developments.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about the characteristics of the various residential developments and which one will suit your circumstances
  • Learn the key success factors and development strategies of each asset class
  • Learn how start with small a residential renovation and advance to developing apartment blocks
  • Learn how to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study and the financing of each asset class
  • Learn about the future trends in residential development and investment

Who this course is for

  • Emerging Developers and Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Consultants (Project Managers, Architects, Engineers, etc.)
  • Real Estate Lawyers and Accountants
  • Building Contractors and Construction Managers
  • Landowners and Investors
  • Real Estate Agents and Valuers
  • Finance Consultants and Brokers
  • Investment and Fund Managers



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