About Ron Forlee

Ron graduated as an Architect in 1978 in South Africa before immigrating to Australia in 1983. In 1986, he established his own design development consultancy called Archiplan Pty Ltd in Perth whilst still maintaining an interest in South Africa as a Property Developer developing multi-million-dollar projects both the residential and commercial sectors such as shopping centres and office blocks.

In 2004 he started AYR International, a Development Management Company providing development expertise to Government and Institutional projects in Asia and Africa. Being an architect and a developer, Ron saw a growing need to provide education and training to fledgling developers and institutions that lacked fundamental knowledge and expertise in the high-risk world of property development.

ron forlee training

Property Development Training & Mentoring

Ron’s training & mentoring teaches you how to be successful in property development and provides the tools to operate a successful property development company. Step by step, your leaning pathway helps provide a passive income to be financially independent in your retirement years.

The message under my mentoring program is that a career in property development can reap handsome profits in line with the risks undertaken. However, in doing so it is important developers understand, they are the decision makers in creating the urban fabric and built form we live in. Developments need to be sustainable both environmentally and operationally, not only for the present but for future generations as well. My mentoring provides a learning pathway where you, your family and your future generations can be proud of your property investments and developments. ~ Ron Forlee

The mentoring format has been designed so it can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. The program is provided with easy to read hard copy text as a reference library with access to our trained consultants to answer any queries or clarification in areas that are not understood.