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Real Estate Development Management

This course is designed for advanced students or development consultants wanting to set-up a real estate development management business. Courses 1 to 6 is a prerequisite.

$1,199.00 includes GST

Learn the fundamentals of Development Management as a career.

This course is designed for property development consultants wanting to start a property development management business.

One of the significant challenges that a Real Estate Developer faces is “cash flow”.  If you have developed any properties, whether residential or commercial, you do not receive any cash until the project has been completed, sold, or refinanced. How do you maintain your everyday living costs, especially if you are working full time on your project? If you have a full-time job and doing a small development on a part-time basis or have set aside sufficient, you will be able to sustain the “dry spell”.  However, not all real estate developers are in this position. The alternative solution is studying to be a Development Manager and be paid monthly for your expertise.

This course aims to cover the fundamentals of making Development Management a career. It shows the Real Estate Development Manager’s inter-relationships with clients, consultants, and third parties in the development process. It provides the foundation of real estate development and management for the students, developers, policymakers, and other interested professionals in the real estate development industry. It sets out development managers’ policies to establish themselves as professional and competent people with high integrity to guide and lead.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn about being a professional development manager.
  • Learn how to set up a development management business.
  • How to deal with clients and third parties.
  • How to manage professional consultants.
  • How to manage the various stages of the development process.
  • How to market development management services.

Who this course is for

  • For advanced students who have completed all previous courses
  • Experienced real estate developers and entrepreneurs
  • Professional consultants (Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors etc.)
  • Development and project managers
  • Real estate lawyers and accountants
  • Experienced real estate agents and valuers
  • Finance consultants and investment fund managers



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