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Real Estate Development Strategies

For advanced students wanting to learn multiple development strategies used by experienced and successful developers. The earlier courses are a prerequisite.

$459.00 includes GST

Knowing alternative property development strategies provides you with options.

One of the significant aspects of real estate development is it’s creativity, so you need to be resourceful. There is no static or structured approach when it comes to tackling a new real estate development so knowing alternative strategies will provide you with various options at your disposal.

This course covers multiple property development strategies from forming syndicates and joint ventures, developing with minimal cash, creative financing, securing low-cost development sites to creating a real estate portfolio with passive income. It concludes with using modern technology such as cost-effective construction techniques and Blockchain technology. Included are my personal case studies where I have used these strategies over my 40-year career resulting in a favourable project outcome.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to be creative in real estate developments.
  • How to apply development strategies for various projects.
  • How to form and structure syndicates and joint ventures.
  • How to develop real estate with minimal cash.
  • How to secure development land at lower cost.
  • Learn alternate methods of securing development finance.
  • Understand development economics and cost control.
  • How to create a passive income and establish a real estate portfolio.
  • Learn about smart technology and blockchain in real estate development.

Who this course if for

  • For advanced students who have completed all previous courses
  • Experienced real estate developers and entrepreneurs
  • Professional consultants (Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors etc.)
  • Development and project managers
  • Real estate lawyers and accountants
  • Experienced real estate agents and valuers
  • Finance consultants and investment fund managers


  • The Intelligent course on Real Estate Development and Investment
  • Courses, Parts A and B, on Residential and Commercial Real Estate Development.
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Project Management


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