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The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Development and Investment

A comprehensive course for commercial real estate developers and investors.

This course is for professionals with specific interest in commercial development. It teaches you about the risk and rewards of commercial property and how to take advantage of development opportunities. If you intend making a career in developing and investing in Commercial Real Estate Development, then this in-depth course is a must. While the course “An Intelligent Course on Real Estate Development” provides an overview of real estate development, this thorough course covers all aspects of Commercial Development and investment. As the content is quite extensive, it had to be split into two sections namely, (a) Fundamentals and (b) Asset Classes or types of residential projects. Part A “The Fundamentals in developing and investing in Commercial Real Estate” covers areas of the Commercial development and investment process in detail plus tips and development strategies. While this course is based within the Australian context, the development principles apply to many other countries as well.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the difference between residential and commercial real estate
  • How to be conversant and discuss the commercial property with industry experts
  • Learn to understand how strategic planning makes commercial projects successful
  • Learn to grasp the various funding models that commercial projects work
  • How to apply key analysis techniques to a commercial property
  • How to structure commercial lease agreements
  • Learn why commercial real estate is a better passive income earner

Who this course is for

  • Real Estate Developers and Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Commercial Consultants (Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors etc.)
  • Development and Project Managers
  • Real Estate Lawyers and Accountants
  • Property Owners, Landowners and Investors
  • Real Estate Agents and Valuers
  • Finance Consultants and Investment Fund Managers


  • The Intelligent course on Real Estate Development and Investment
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Project Management